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Let Me Break It Down for You

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Let Me Break It Down for You

“A guide to understanding Energy in all forms,
to help self-navigate your life and health
into true bliss!”

I got a calling to write this book. I just started researching and didn’t know what I was going to find. My goal is to help give people answers that they aren’t even aware they don’t have. My hope is that if people can understand energy and frequencies and how powerful they are, and how they affect everything we do and are, that they will be more aware of them and be able to harness them better. I would love for this information to help people be more gentle with themselves. I think if we treat ourselves better, we in turn treat others better. My ultimate goal is for our “collective consciousness” to shift into a positive vibration so we actually can make this world a happier place together.



This book primarily has three main sections discussing Energy as we know it, and will come to know it in a life changing way. The first section, “Energy is Everything”, will explain what energy is, where it comes from, why it affects us so much, and why it matters. The scientific information that will be mentioned is not based off any theories or beliefs, but actual data that will help understand energy and its effect on everything. The second section, “Past, Future, BE Present”, will dive deeper into a more personal reason why we feel the way we do. This is based off our stories from the past, our need to know the future, and our lack of being present. I will help you re-create a story that works for you and will help set positive energies free that have been blocked from flowing out of the stagnant place that has been created through thoughts. The third section, “Foods & Moods”, will explain to how the foods we eat are in direct correlation with how we feel, both mentally and physically. In most all other countries, calories are called “energy” on their food labels. There’s a reason for that. Food IS energy, but what kind of energy is in our food? That is what our body will be functioning from. That is also what will control the health and function of our mind and body.

Illustrations by: Lillian Margaret Higgins

Cover by: Scarlett Athan & Olivia Athan

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