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Holistic Healing

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 "Holistic" means; relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts. Holistic healing attempts to treat both the mind and the body and views humans and the environment as a single system. Modern medicine just masks the symptoms and does not address the cause. Prescription medications actually shut off the neurological receptors to the brain and trick your body into thinking the ailment is not there, while the cause is sitting there eating away at the body. 

Quantum Healing plays a huge part in this, once we have a full understanding of energy and frequencies and our body being exactly that. There are just so many components that go into causing our bodies to be in a distressed state that no one way will work for all. Everyone's body and mind react differently to things, so it is important that we find the best way that works for you, your body, and your comfort level. 



Meditation comes in so many forms. Most people think it requires sitting there and getting your mind to be clear. That is, of course, the ultimate goal, but there can be several steps to getting there. A lot of people shy away from it thinking it is too difficult, or boring, or they don't have time for it. There are many guided meditation videos that can help begin one's meditation journey more easily.

When we calm our mind, it has a chance to allow our body to go back into homeostasis which is the only state that healing can begin in the body. When we have a thought, a neurological signal is sent to the brain and the brain will then fire a response in the body; usually "fight-or-flight" if it is a stressful thought. ALL thoughts have frequencies, everything does. So, if our body is constantly working to process the energy from our thoughts, when does the body get to heal? It doesn't. That's why I feel that meditation is key in achieving optimal and quicker healing results. Breathwork is also a component of this. You would be amazed at what happens to our body when we slow our breath down and become aware of what energies are in our body. Meditation helps improve awareness and allows us to connect with our body. Without connection to our body, there really isn't a way to heal. 

Raising Your Vibration

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This is probably the most important part of healing. We are frequency beings. Every single thing in existence carries a frequency. Since we are made of them, all frequencies will affect the function of our body and mind, which sets the foundation of our health. There are so many ways to raise our vibration, but first, we must find the things in the environment that are lowering it. My book was based solely on this information. Sickness and dis-ease CANNOT live in a high vibrational body. It is created in a low vibrational state, so it will not be able to survive in an upgraded high-frequency body. 

There are three things that affect our energetic body; our environment, our foods, and our thoughts. Obviously, there are some things in our environment that we have no control over, which is why it's most important to counteract them with the intentional raising of our own frequency. Foods and clean water are a major part of this as well. And the final one, which I feel is most prominent, is our mind. That is the only thing that we cannot get away from, which is why it is so important that we understand the effects that our thoughts have on our body, EVERY thought has a frequency. So, what frequencies are running through your body? Let's work together to raise those. There are so many ways to do that and I am happy to assist you with finding ones that work for you. 


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Manifestation is very real and happens more than you would think. Most people think it's intentional, but actually, every thought we have sends a signal out into the universe and creates an outcome. Everything in our life is a result of how we think. Everything, That may sound hard to believe, but when you understand the quantum universe, it is exactly how it works.  

However, manifestation isn't by just thought because we wish for things all the time that don't happen. It's not the thought, it's the frequency in our body. For example, if the thought is coming from a place of lack or need, such as "I really want a new job, I hate the one I have." The signals being broadcast are need and hate, not want. The universe only responds to energy, so if there is some stuck energy in there that is preventing the body from actually believing the thought, then the opposite of what you want is most likely to happen. Besides, if all that stuck energy is taking up all the space, there is no place to receive anew. 

Most stuck energy comes from limiting beliefs which is a pattern that gets set in our brain by the age of seven. We don't even have the ability for conscious thought until after 7, so all our experiences prior to that are just programming. Until we remove the subconscious programming, we will only manifest what energies keep signaling out. That's why no matter how hard we try, we keep attracting the same result, person, relationship, etc...over and over and over again. 

Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting Beliefs are from the subconscious programming that is set in our brains by the age of seven. So, when we become adults, we actually respond to the world as a child...UNLESS we rewire the programming. Brain rewiring is very real and has cured so many people of so many chronic and terminal illnesses. That's when we hear about those "miracles"; it was actually a biological upgrade to the system and a raising of frequency that ultimately rid the dis-eased cells.

Our cells regenerate daily, in fact, five hundred million a day. So, imagine what intentionally raising the frequencies in the cells will do to the body. Limiting beliefs will not allow the body to upgrade and will keep us stuck in subconscious programming which is run by the ego. All the ego does is want what's familiar. So, if we were used to growing up around unpleasant situations or have experienced a lot of unfortunate circumstances, that is exactly where the ego wants to stay because it is all it knows. 

Releasing Fear & Ego

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The ego is the part of our brain that runs most of our thoughts, reactions, and choices. It is not a part of our intuition, guide, or spirit body. I guess you can kind of look at it as the enemy to spiritual growth. Fear is one of the lower frequencies we can experience and it is driven by the ego and subconscious programming. Clearing limiting beliefs is part of how we release our ego and the fear that comes with the unknown. The ego only likes the known, the familiar, the safe...even if it's not for our highest good. That is why it is so important to learn the difference between intuition and ego and what our highest self actually wants. When our thoughts and actions don't match what our spirit wants, that is when more dis-ease is created; including both physical and emotional. 

Releasing ego is not a fun, easy, or pleasant experience because the ego does not want to die. But once we take control of it and are able to shift our consciousness into a state that is more aligned with our true spirit, then all of that subconscious programming, and all the fears just melt away. That's how frequencies work. We can actually become addicted to anxiety, depression, fear, etc if that is what runs through our body the most. Because when our cells regenerate daily, those are the frequencies that will create the new cell growth and then it signals for the lower frequencies as it's "food" and we end up right back into subconscious programming and ego. Then those lower frequencies will continue to be broadcast out while attracting the same less desirable results over and over. Let's release that fear & ego and get your body to a happier place!

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